08/2021 :As we begin the 2021-22 academic year, Rebecca Knowlton and Amber Day (both in the Statistics and Data Science PhD program) join us for their research electives, and Joyce Wang (Cell and Molecular Biology PhD program) begins her fall rotation at the lab. Welcome, Rebecca, Amber and Joyce!

08/2021: Matt Ming joins the lab (joint with the Kirkpatrick Lab) for his Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior. Welcome Matt!

06/2021: New commentary at PNAS with Doc Edge about indirect parental genetic effects and GWAS: "GWAS deems parents guilty by association"

04/2021: Now out at Current Biology: How did a group of Neotropical Grass Frogs evolve to feed on toxic toads? We used evolutionary genetics to pinpoint the substitutions underlying the functional adaptation.

03/2021: Carrie Zhu joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher and Olivia Smith, a CMB Computational Biology grad student, joins us for her spring rotation. Welcome Carrie and Olivia!

01/2021: New paper at PLoS Biology with Molly Przeworski on "The evolution of group differences in changing environments".